The Chicago-based project Après L’Histoire takes Igor Stravinsky’s 1918 composition L’Histoire du soldat (“The Soldier’s Tale,” with text by C.F. Ramuz) as its starting point, championing the continued vitality of its words and music with  interpretations and newly commissioned works for the same performers. Co-directors Chris Wild (conductor) and Jenna Lyle (actor, soprano) are experienced interpreters and performers of various musical styles and interdisciplinary practices. The project’s nine performers are all current or recent students of Northwestern University’s Bienen School of Music, and members of Ensemble Dal Niente, mocrep, Parlour Tapes+, Zafa Collective, and F-PLUS. The ensemble’s recent and upcoming performances have been presented by Constellation’s Frequency Series (June, 2018), The Poetry Foundation (October, 2017), The Arts Club of Chicago (May, 2017), and Northwestern University (May, 2017).

Current Performers:

Jenna Lyle (actor, soprano), Chris Wild (conductor), Danielle Ray (violin), Adam Attard (bass), Conner Ray (clarinet), Nick Ober (bassoon), Andrew Lennox (trumpet), Sean Holly (trombone), Josh Graham (percussion)



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